Delivering a 'captive audience'

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Captive Audience

• Unlike other mediums, our ads can’t be tuned-out, ignored, turned off, or avoided
• Unavoidable exposure builds name awareness
• Your ad is placed approximately 18” from your prospect at his/ her highest point of concentration

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Coveted Audience

• Core demographic 18-44 year-old
• People with “active” lifestyles
• Folks with disposable income

Target Marketing

• No wasted advertising dollars
• Efficient & Effective—you can reach your exact target
• Target your audience by gender, age, income level, leisure time activity or geography

Graphic Appeal

• Full color ads
• Large, 8 ½” X 11” ad—plenty of room for an eye-catching image, snappy headline, bullet points, and contact information
• Add a QR or AR code to make your ad ‘digital’ and interactive

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Long-term Exposure

• Your ad is posted for an entire month
• You may change your ad message monthly
• Your ad can move to different locations each month

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by the numbers

How many people will see YOUR ad?


30 Seconds - 2 Minutes

Amount of time spent looking at an ad in the restroom.


Average number of visits to the restroom per person in a bar/nightclub


Percentage of restaurant goers who utilize restrooms.


Median age range of patrons at Johnny Advertising sites & venues

"One of the only places in the world where people stand in line to read advertising... you've got their undivided attentions."
The Boston Globe

10,000 - 20,000

Average monthly foot traffic at a typical Johnny Advertising restaurant/nightclub/sportsbar type venue


"Restroom ads allow companies to target a gender with 100% accuracy"
Fortune Magazine

our story

For more than 25 years, JOHNNYAdvertising has been delivering an active, affluent demographic audience.
Advertisers who want to reach specific, targeted demographics utilize this place-based advertising medium to promote to a captive audience and maximize return on investment. Restroom advertising has the unique ability no other medium can claim—to target by gender, as well as a number of market segments such as geography, age, lifestyle, and income.
JOHNNYAdvertising operates throughout West Michigan with 1,000+ ad spaces in more than 100 popular restaurants, nightclubs, sports bars, golf courses, health clubs, and other high-traffic venues. Specific cities include Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven/Spring Lake, and Muskegon.